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By Jan Cabrera

Are Down Line Builders Worth your Effort?!

Bad (Other DLBs):
  • They make you join HUNDREDS of programs that does​ not even work for them!
  • They waste your time, making you register to crap.
  • They do not TRAIN YOU! (Very much unlike TAP)

            When you first join a program, study it. Check if it actually works, if it does, upgrade, if it doesn't unsubscribe!
It's as easy as that. Down Line Builders are like a suggestion box, where you can suggest a program which might WORK for you. And if somebody thinks so too, they'll upgrade and give you thanks, by giving you commissions!

Okay Program is Good, WHAT NOW?!

Does Traffic Exchanges Work for YOU?

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            If your answer is YES, then you'd know that all your traffic exchanges and mailers have these "Downline Builder" pages. When you open it, you will see a lot of websites to join, sometimes a lot, sometimes only the programs that the owner of the site owns! If you have been promoting your Traffic Exchange or Mailer, then filling up your Down Line Builder is a BIG BONUS! Imagine, there was ten programs in the Down Line Builder and you joined them all, then you got a referral whom you sent to this blog and also knew about the importance of DLBs, then, he will also sign up for the ten programs and may even upgrade! That's when you earn MONEY!

           Anyway, that's how you earn in affiliate marketing, YOU sell your products and UPGRADED Services!

Why Fill in a Downline Builder?

            Imagine you had a referral, and that referral was very enthusiastic and he just JOINED the affilite market industry. He's willing to invest money to follow someone who is already successful. REMEMBER! Site down line builders, are not your down line builders, it is owned by the owner, and the programs their ARE WHAT THEY PROMOTE! And you joined and filled them up. This referral now checks the down line builder and finds out different programs. Then your referral will think..

Should I Join All of these Programs?

​            Short answer? Yes. Smart answer? Don't. Some of those programs are not even used so much by the owner. This is why we need Tested and Proven! (TAP) is owned again by Klaus Biesel, together with Penny Cannon. TAP is a down line building program where, 

Good (TAP):
  • They Teach you Their Secrets to getting 500 Referrals
  • They Teach you How to Earn Monthly Income (Not too much! Just enough, no lies and crap)
  • They Teach you How to Use Mailers
  • They Teach you How to get Your First Cents
  • ​They Clasify the programs using colors, yellow (very much working, must upgrade on), red (delivers well, must upgrade on), green (being tested but with good potential) and pink (other programs you can use to promote) according to how they deliver.

Remember, Affiliate Marketing IS A NUMBER GAME!