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By Jan Cabrera

Benefits of Using Mailers
             In this post, I will be talking about why mailers are more efficient than traffic exchanges, show their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you further differentiate what program you would want to start promoting!

Mailers are more TIME EFFICIENT!

Good (Mailers) : Mailers, unlike Traffic Exchanges will never, ever consume most of your time! Upgraded members in mailers receive enough credits to send mails for a month. Just like in Whitelist Email Marketing , if you take the highest upgrade which is Top Promoter, you can have it for a lifetime and get 32,000 credits every month which means you won't have to read mails! But if you want to click, you will also get 100 credits per click, so this means you can stock up your credits to mail 6x a day!

Bad (Traffic Exchanges) : Whether we like it or not, we would have to spend an hour to finish surfing enough sites, just go get a hundred credits a day.. which will be extinguished in a very short time. And the even worst part is, usually, the same person or group of people eats up your credits the same day.

You get more REAL READERS using Mailers

Good (Mailers) : When you send your offers through a mailer, they get read by real and unique people, even though not everybody you sent your mails to would read it, there's a good percentage that will. Just like in CEO Marketing Path , it is a mailer and a Downline Builder. But it is different from other mailers, you have to pay to use their Mailer Feature. For me, this is a win-win situation. WHY?! You will have to pay 5$ to mail hundreds of people who also paid and are looking for a program worthy of promoting! These are real people and people who paid just to view your offers!

Bad (Traffic Exchanges) : Unlike mailers, traffic exchanges are surfed by the same people everyday, these people also view / surf your site more than twice or thrice a day. BUT there's a good news! There are also some traffic exchanges that has a huge number of active surfers and active sites in rotation which means your site won't be viewed by the same person as much! Website Traffic Hog is the best example for this Traffic Exchange! It's membership is always cleaned and observed by Marty Petrizza who owns a lot of the best Mailers and Traffic Exchanges nowadays!  Check it out, and remember! Upgrading always pays back!