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By Jan Cabrera

Lastly, WEM is worth it to PROMOTE!

Why Whitelist Email Marketing?

            Promoting Whitelist Email Marketing is really worth it. The upgrade prices are prices nicely which makes it tempting to buy. The results shown by other members sure say that WEM is a money-maker. You can earn up to 80% commissions. You are given all the tools to make your first sale. 

            Just one last tip. If you are planning to enter the world of mailers, make sure you are ready to read emails and send emails. Focus on one goal, don't give up.

            Email Marketing is just like any other type of affiliate marketing, you will not see profit or even sales as soon as you start. You need to take your time and set yourself up in the internet. You need to brand yourself, you need to let other people know you. Because even offline, if you want to sell something to someone, you should atleast have a background knowledge of the seller!

WEM members choose to UPGRADE!

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I will give you 5000 credits to start with and if you upgrade, I'll give you enough credits to mail for a week!

            Most of the people doing Affiliate Marketing are looking for something free that they can use to promoted their products. There are some people who know what's best, and that would be upgrading! When you are online marketing, you are basically selling a product, a service, and in this case, I'm introducingt is owned by my Mentor Klaus Biesel and he keeps working hard to keep his membership active and clean from hackers!

            Unlike many of the Viral Mailers and Safelists out there, WEM is the most personalized and innovative. you to my favorite mailer, Whitelist Email Marketing. I


            Klaus promotes for his GOLDEN 12, the GOLDEN 12 is the TOP 12 REFERRERS And PROMOTERS! I've been a part of this list and I was able to get two free referrals, which is actually nice! Klaus promotes for you if you are an upgraded member as well. Being a part of the Top 12 Referrers can also get you 1 month of exposure Bestlistmailer ! That's 56,000 mails EVERYDAY!

​            Klaus made sure you'll earn to he's giving away up to 80% commissions on referral upgrades and sales!  

​​            Klaus also makes sure that WEM is focused on being Result Oriented. He installed the Profit Tracking Tool into WEM to monitor where the signups to his site comes from. Whom does it benefit? YOU! You will now have an idea where you would want to promote, where you may be able to get some referrals and sales! He also has the PLAN B which teaches you how to utilize your down line builders! He does not also give out lots of incentives just to make people click the emails, which means your emails are really opened because people want to see what you have to offer!

​​            WEM has lots of SPECIAL EVENTS where you may win cash, extra credits, login spotlights and other advertising products WEM has to offer!